06 Jul 2014


General information about Dubai guided tours


The duration of the visit and the number of hours of the visit start from the time fixed together when doing booking. Departures are generally between 8 and 9 am for the morning visits and between 13h and 14h for visits in the afternoon, to avoid rush hours on the roads of Dubai. The schedule can be adjusted according to the your requirements or time available (i.e. for cruise of flight stop-overs).

Pick-up point

Pick-up point is generally your hotel and drop-off point too, unless otherwise requested. If you are visiting the Burj Khalifa following your city tour, return transportation to hotel is not included with the tour package because vehicles are booked for the duration of the city tour only. Pick-up from airport is available with an additional fee to cover for parking cost and waiting time at the airport.


Suitable and safe vehicles are used for tours, whether visits are in small groups (sedan or wagon car for visits from 1 to 6 people) or groups (mini-vans for tours of 7 to 15 people, mini-buses for 16 to 25 people and buses more than 25 people).

WARNING : Some Dubai tour guides can offer you (without necessarily specifying it when doing the booking) to transport you in their personal vehicles. This practice is strictly prohibited by the Department of Tourism of Dubai because it does not allow the transport of visitors / tourists in safe conditions. For my tours, I only use vehicles registered under a special license and covered by a special insurance for the transportation of passengers / tourists, and driven by a chauffeur. It also allows me to give all my attention to my clients during the visit and not waste precious time to find parking at each stop of the tour.

Dress Code :

You will have the opportunity during your visits to enter public places, historical places or even religious places such as mosques. Dubai and the UAE are a Muslim country. The visitor is therefore request to adopt great modesty in his/her dress code, while remaining comfortable for sightseeing. It is therefore advised to always bring with you a piece of garment with long sleeves and a scarf for women (for mosques visits) and it is wise to keep a pair of pants in a bag for men, just in case.


More info & Quotes

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